EBT takes great pride in the quality of bearings we sell. We strive to offer our customers high quality products at a competitive price. Quality CAN NOT be “Engineered” into products. Quality is the result of superior engineering and relentless process control during the entire manufacturing process.


EBT knows who they are buying from. Every potential supplier must pass a stringent supplier evaluation before site visits are considered. We personally visit the proposed factory to ensure they can do what they say they can. We spend the time needed to go through their entire manufacturing process to verify they can repeatedly manufacture bearings our high EBT standards. Every EBT supplier MUST be ISO certified. We don’t stop there. We make quarterly visits to ensure product quality stays consistent and/or improves. EBT fosters a culture of cooperation so we work very hard to build lasting relationships with our suppliers. We want our suppliers to operate successful, profitable businesses themselves so they can invest some of the money back into their businesses to make improvements.


All EBT engineered bearings are accompanied with individual inspection reports upon receipt at our Fort Worth Facility. We measure a portion of them on our Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine to verify the reports. We also outsource destructive testing on bearing components to confirm material composition, heat treatment and surface finishes. These are time consuming, tedious and expensive processes, but we feel it is worth it to ensure our customers are receiving the quality product we promised them.